By: RebekahWSD

Some people have a knack for finding strange things. Strange things always seem to find Zana Legends. Zana wouldn't call the party she was at odd, although perhaps the reason they were celebrating was a bit unusual. A minor duke, related to Queen Victoria, had managed to secure a lucrative financial deal with some well to do nobles in some country that Zana didn't remember, and so had decided to throw a fabulous celebration.

Zana had been invited, as was only proper seeing as she was a wealthy, young noblewoman herself. While her family hadn't been pressing her about marriage yet, she knew they would be soon. And rather than wait for them to decide a partner for her, she decided that she'd find her own partner.

And the best place to find a potential mate would be at parties, of course. Parties where one could show off their skill dancing, and being polite, and not gorging on little chocolate eclairs...

She sighed as she entered the grand ballroom, dazzled for a moment by its beauty. Gold and silver taffeta hung from the chandeliers, bouquets of exotic flowers strewn around the room in large, ornate standing vases. The entire place was setup to make it appear to be a lush and exotic retreat, despite it being in the middle of winter.

As much as she disliked the entire scene, or the fakeness of it, she had to admit they did know how to decorate and how to throw a party.

They also knew food. Her eyes boggled as she saw the veritable feast of finger foods set out onto silver platters. She managed to remember her manners as she descended upon the buffet, managing to eat several of the smaller pastries before someone was rudely pulling her away.

She looked up, seeing it was one of the duke's relatives, a...

“Greetings, cousin!” she said, smiling, slightly annoyed he had interrupted her while eating.

The cousin smiled at her, bowing deeply. “Greetings Lady Zana. I hope you are doing well?” he said, clearly amused as she snagged another pastry, not seeming to care he was watching.

She ate the pastry slowly, pondering the question. “Same as always, cousin.” She was glad he didn't seem to mind that she had forgotten his name. “As always, looking for a proper suitor that momma or poppa won't find to be unbearable.”

Cousins eyes lit up at that, grinning. “I have quite the person to speak to, then. Perhaps you can make him talk more than the others have, with your...graces. He claims to be a visiting doctor,” he said before he was leading Zana away to a nearby corner, in which a tall, slightly older gentleman was standing, drinking a cup of tea, looking slightly out of place. His clothes, but she wasn't sure why.

Holding out her hand, she smiled at him. “Please to meet you, sir doctor. My name is Zana. And you are?” she said as her cousin smiled at the both of them before bowing again, leaving them alone.

The doctor seemed perturbed for a moment before shrugging, shaking her hand forcefully.

“I'm just the Doctor. Dreadfully boring, isn't it?” he said, seeming to not realize the social faux pas he was making.

Zana pursed her lips, looking around to see if anyone was around. “To be honest? Dreadfully so. I'm only here because I am suppose to be finding a husband. I'd rather be doing...anything, really. Preferably something with a bit of fencing, as I've been trying to practice in private.”

The Doctor actually seemed to look at her finally tilting his head slightly. “Is that how you got the scar? You know, never mind. However you got the scar is good enough of a reason to invite you. Would you like to go on an...adventure?” he said, holding out his hand.

Zana thought about it for a mere moment before nodding vigorously, taking his hand. “Oh sausages yes. Anywhere is a better adventure than here,” she said as the two of them took off and out of the mansion.

Genre: Historical
Setting: At a celebration
Character: Supernatural being